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Our Why

In Africa only 1 in 3 CEOS has gender diversity on their agenda. After reviewing the data we have seen that the number one issue impacting women in the workplace is the attitude towards women in the workplace. We do not have enough conversations at scale on how to shift the narrative. This is why we created The W collective. We are bringing this narrative at the forefront of every major African forum.


The W Collective Lounge is a dedicated space at conferences and companies where women connect, collaborate and catalyze change together. Our events will be in major cities across Africa including Lagos, Cape Town, Abidjan, Marrakech, and Kigali.

Sept 5th

World Economic Forum Capetown

Dec 13th

Atlantic Dialogues Marrakech


Africa CEO Forum Kigali

The Lounge

The lounge is a destination to meet and interact with industry leaders focused on women leadership, positive messaging, workplace success. We believe together we can navigate the challenges and activate change in workplace culture.


We create authentic experiences at industry conferences where women connect and activate change together.

icon Network

We offer customized activations for your female employees to create authentic relationships, build confidence and spark conversations about workplace transformation.


We offer a space for brands to interact with women consumers through storytelling and positive messaging.

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Organisations that hire women executives increase their revenue by 30%. We are creating a database of profiles for companies across Africa looking to hire women executives and place them on top managerial boards. The aim is to promote a greater presence of women at the corporate ladder, close gender gap, rewrite the dynamics of the workplace culture and widen business benefits across the African continent.

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